Why a pickle?

Why a tuba? Why a flugel? Why a piano? Why a drummer? Why the music we make, the story we tell, the sound we produce?

Simply because we are human.

Since the 90’s, bandleaders Dirk Balthaus and Bert Lochs have been developing and playing their ever growing repertoire . Their debut quartet CD 'Tales of the frog' was closely followed by 'The Healing'. After a short explorative break with other bands, the duo teamed up again with a whole new vision. Lochs' adventurous and lyrical playing and Balthaus' refined and colorful touch had further progressed, they complement each other wonderfully and make for a fascinating world of sound.
Their latest, international project Braskiri was founded in 2014. For this they attracted the illustrious Dutch drummer Wim Kegel and the young Norwegian tuba virtuoso Steffen Granly. The debut album from 2015 “Killing the Mozzarella” (released by Berthold Records, Bremen) proved that lyricism, groove and free impro don’t exclude each other, but can create a novel, wonderfully fresh and synergistic mix. After a successful release tour in The Netherlands and Germany, the band is now focusing on festivals and clubs all over Europe.

Quotes from the press: “Monumental ensemble playing” “The album on which they brilliantly set the Jazz tradition on fire...” “…technical brilliance and emotional warmth”

Braskiri plays regularly at European Jazz venues.

Bert Lochs - trumpet * Dirk Balthaus - piano * Steffen Granly - tuba * Wim Kegel - drums