'...a wealth of musical achievements...
An asset to our national Dutch jazz scene'
Matti Poels, Musicframes, NL, Jun 2016

'The combination ... offers a lot of possibilities for sound nuances and surprising harmonies
...their music has become totally intuitive'
Coen de Jonge, Jazzism, NL, Mar 2016

'Braskiri presents monumental ensemble playing'
Rinus van der Heijden, Jazz Nu, NL, Feb 2016

'... underneath hums the Tuba bumblebee and a wonderful album is made.'
Karsten Zimalla, Westzeit, DE, Jan 2016

'... because the band can tell little stories in the moment.'
Hans Dieter Grünfeld, Hifi&Records, DE, Jan 2016

'Braskiri plays with both technical brilliance and emotional warmth.'
Sonic, DE, Nov/Dec 2015

'The quality of this quartet rises above the usual...'
Tom Beetz, Jazzflits, NL, Oct 2015

'The album on which they brilliantly set the Jazz tradition on fire...
... highly skilled instrumentalists who tease and chase each other, but who also are able to caress.'
Erno Elzinga, Jazzenzo, NL, Sep 2015

'Lochs shows himself again as a distinct lyric poet... Meanwhile we hear that Braskiri can sound funky as well.'
Hermann te Loo, Jazzflits, NL, Aug 2014

'Braskiri plays music for connoisseurs who love well-groomed music with a raw edge!'
Matti Poels, Musicframes, NL, Jun 2014